Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Things have been pretty uneventful here. Took a few pics to share.

This is one of our babies, his name is Spook. He is so adorable. In person he is black with black stripes. We have an older cat named Jeff who is all black so Cory sometimes calls spook little Jeff. Too cute.

He dressed himself here. I love his little outfit. Tool bag and all.

This is a PIF from addictedtosnow. I love the chart. It is called Snow Wonderful. I think it looks great on this purple. This is the first time I have ever done over 2. Give me a hand cause i think it is looking really good.

This one is out of a Stoney Creek Book. I LOVE Stoney Creek!! They have cute things.

And this is my Halloweens a Sudden Boo. I'm just about done with the top part. Not sure if I want to do all the wording on it. What do you all think? To check out the finished product you can find it on cyberstitchers.com. Let me know cause i need help on this. If I don't do the wording I think it will fit in a frame. If I do the wording I'll have to do something else with it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Donna's Ornaments

I made these for Donnas Stitching for a cure. For more info go to www.stitchingforacure.blogspot.com I was doing these for a contest, didn't get them finished in time. I don't know how to use my sewing machine and I'm not real crafty or imaginative. It took all I had to come up with these. LOL

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Stuff

Haven't posted anything new in a while so here you go. The first is a picture of KraftersKorner Summer Surprise. This adorable pin cushion was made by Lynn. Thanks Lynn, I love it!!

This is what I sent to Lynn. Its a Trivet. If I remember right the pattern was a freebiw from cyberstitchers.
Prairie Grove Peddler had a 4 week scavenger hunt. If you played all 4 weeks you got 3 free patterns. If you was the first to turn yours in or if your name was drawn you got 6 more free ones. I was the first one in so I got a total of 9. Oh My. I love them all. Such fun!!!

This is my baby. This picture made me laugh. I had no idea Cory had my camera. I love this self photo. I'm thinking he has been watching his sister too much.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My New Baby

Here is a picture of my new baby. It's a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. It's totally AWESOME!!!! The inside is spectacular. No rust anywhere. I love it!!!

Heres the inside.
Thats all for now. Just had to show my new toy!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So I bought a Spool Knitter at Michaels the other day and I'm so in love with it. Here is the first thing I've made.

Start with yarn. Make the coils

Sew the back of coils together to make

Cute huh? Ok, maybe I'm the only one excited. Going to make a hot pad next.

Monday, July 6, 2009


This ones called Christmas Cookies. I think it was one I got from 123stitch.com. I love it and it fits me perfectly. I make at least 10 kinds of goodies for Christmas.

This one is called Witch Silhouette. It is a free from artecy on facebook. They give out freebies if you join their facebook.

This is Halloween's a Sudden Boo, a freebie from cyberstitchers.com. We are doing this as a SAL in crossstitchaddiction.
I absolutley love my dyed pieces and think they look perfect with what I'm doing on them.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Dyed this one tonight for Halloweens a sudden boo. I like the top part better than the bottom...but I really like how this turned out too.

Went to town tonight and bout 5 more hummingbird feeders and an oriole feeder. Can't wait to see how many birds we have in the morning. That makes 7 hummingbird feeders all together.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Exchanges, my first dye, and some stitchy progress and new kitties

Not so good at the blogging thing. I'm lazy and I'm impatient. LOL
SO here we go. The first is something I dyed for my Halloween SAL for krafterskorner. I am stitching a witch silhouette. It is a freebie from artecy facebook. I love the way it turned out. Daughter didn't like the squares but I do and think it will look fine with my pattern.

Had some time to stitch today so this is what I have gotten done so far. I think this will go pretty fast.

This is from Katie for the krafterskorner Patriotic exchange. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the towels. I hate using them though, way too cute. And the round and square things I am going to make into coasters I think. Thank you Katie!!

And this one is from Donna for the krafterskorner fabric exchange. Ladies do not drool over my goodies please :) Have to hide my goodies b/c my daughter likes to make pillows. Now if I could get her to cross stitch I might let her use a tiny piece, lol. Thank you soo much Donna!!

SO excited about my exchanges and think I got the better end of the deal on both of them. Makes me want to send something else to make up for them.
Next up are my new babies. I think they was born on the 28th of June. I have it on the calendar but too lazy to look. Thats all for today. I'm so tired I could pass out at the computer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I had a wonderful birthday this year. Dustin took me to Menards and bought me a few things. We ran around town for a little bit, came home and SURPRISE!! Dustin had called our friends up and had a surprise party for me. It was awesome. He really showed his love that day. I got some awesome gifts including the stash below. I've spent the Michaels giftcards, but holding off a day or two for the Hobby Lobby one. At least until I get my stash put up and organized :)

Here are the beautiful flosses I got from the CSA Birthday Club. These ladies did an awesome job at spoiling me. The colors are so pretty and lovely. Thank you ladies...just have to find the special somethings to use my flosses on. You all did a wonderful job at picking the colors out!!!

And lastly I got my Spring Tote from Penny on Saturday. Penny did an awesome job. I love the color of the tote she dyed me. It is perfect. I took it to town today and got lots of compliments. Penny sent me tons of cute little kits and a Precious Moments book. I think I'll make something for my neices rooms with their names for Christmas (or birthdays depending on what I get done). Thank you Penny, you spoiled me!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


It's been a while since I've updated so here it goes.

I have my first finishes of 2009. I made 2 magnets for CSA Magnet and Recipe Exchange. I liked them. My partner was Princess Crystal...the Princess saying just screamed her name :)

I put off my other WsIP so I could finish my magnets and get them sent out in time so the cross stitch pro sal hasn't been touched. I have been working on Quaker Blues a little.

I've aslo been working on Checkerboard Bunny. Its a freebie from Waxing Moon designs. Hope to have that done by Easter. Would like to make it into a cube. We'll see, that takes some skill and I don't have any :(

I 've been getting tons of cards for my Birthday Floss Exchange, it's killing me but I'm not going to open them until my birthday. I only have a week to go so I can hold off.

I got my package today from my ILCS Needle and Floss Exchange. Jo Spoiled me :) She sent me a lovely birthday card too. Thanks SOO much Jo. That made my day!! I haven't used any of the flosses. Can't wait to try them. She even sent some of my favorite colors. What an awesome partner!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just a little bit

Didn't get much done this weekend because of the funeral and family stuff. Here is my progress so far.

These are the top border of the Quaker Blues SAL.

This is the Cross Stitch Pro Mystery SAL.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Depression and Storage

Had a friend who I have known almost my entire life pass away Thursday from cancer. She was only 52. This is hard for me because I loved her and because it is so close to my grandpas death (he passed November 25 from Leukemia). Cancer is so scary. You never know who it will hit or when. And when it does and you find out you never know the length of your life. Sorry if I sound depressing. We went to the showing today and I've been weepy. Cory is taking a nap and I'm really thinking I should take one too. I have tons of cleaning to do but my thought is why because when he gets up he'll just make more messes.

I went through all of my goodies last night...meaning things I've bought when I should be saving money. I have some aida and some linens. I've never used linen but since it was on clearance for less than $2.00 I thought this would be the perfect time to get it for future needs.

I had been using the stitch bows and I like them for projects but not for storage all the time, just seems like they take up a lot of room. I am still going to use them, but I did get some plastic bags yesterday and I put my extras in there with an index card with them. If I bought the floss for something special I am putting the name on the card so my dear daughter doesn't get into them and make bracelets.

I've stitched a little this week on the cross stitch pro sal and the Quaker Blues Sal. Will try to put pictures on tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I did it

Can't type or put things on paper, but thought this would be a good way to put some of my wip into the open. I look at so many blogs and I am at awe with what they have done to them. I've been searching the web and have found SO many cross stitch charts that I want. I've stumbled onto www.suehillisdesigns.com and have found some really good ones that I like that are only $6.00 so I'm sure I'll have to get them. House of Stitches is a nice place too and it is semi local and they ship quick.