Friday, May 31, 2013

Pumpkin Stack and Willow

Decided this week I was going to work on an old WIP. Not sure when I started it but I took a before picture Monday before picking it up. I see progress :) Not too bad since I didn't get to stitch allthat much. School is out and I have had a houseful of kids. I don't see things slowing down much.

Here's a sad pic if I've ever seen one. Woke up this morning and a huge piece of our williow was on the ground. Although it has lots of green the inside is dead. Some bugs have taken over it and have made the insides mush. It has grown twice the size of the other williow we planted at the same time. This one is at the end of one of the septic fingers. We cut the tree down and will be starting the removal process. We have a feeling this tree has caused damage to the finger. My yard looks naked now. Will be looking for something less invasive for that spot. Maybe some pretty flowers :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hummingbird and Stitching

Haven't been stitching much. As usual life is busy. I sat down this weekend determind to do some stitching. I'm thinking I will make this into a cube. It was a quick finish.
I couldn't find my big feeders but found two small ones. Last night we grilled out and saw this little one eating. Need to buy more. At one time we had 5 big feeders and at least 20 birds at one time. I

Monday, May 6, 2013

Novalee SAL and Mushrooms

It's been slow going for me. So much going on. I've been taking Cory back and forth to school and he now has weekly occupational therapy appointments. School gets out in less than a month. Don't know if that will mean more or less stitching, lol. It had finally started getting warm until Friday and we have had rain ever since. It is gloomy and cold and yes I have turned the heat on once. Trying really hard to keep it off but when Cory is cold he wants heat. 

I have finished 4, 5 and 6 of the Novalee Christmas Sampler 2012. Really wished I would have chosen a darker fabric since it is kind of hard to see where some colors start and some end. Waiting for the next part. Not sure what I will stitch. It is a toss up between Grand marquoir and a Halloween one I started forever ago. 

It is morel season here in Indiana. They were late coming up but boy are they big. My dad found these. His honey hole is miles away and I haven't had the time to go with him. These things are Mmmm so yummy. I've started my diet again (yes its like the 20th time this year, lol) so I made sure I ate a lot.