Monday, August 31, 2009

New Stuff

Haven't posted anything new in a while so here you go. The first is a picture of KraftersKorner Summer Surprise. This adorable pin cushion was made by Lynn. Thanks Lynn, I love it!!

This is what I sent to Lynn. Its a Trivet. If I remember right the pattern was a freebiw from cyberstitchers.
Prairie Grove Peddler had a 4 week scavenger hunt. If you played all 4 weeks you got 3 free patterns. If you was the first to turn yours in or if your name was drawn you got 6 more free ones. I was the first one in so I got a total of 9. Oh My. I love them all. Such fun!!!

This is my baby. This picture made me laugh. I had no idea Cory had my camera. I love this self photo. I'm thinking he has been watching his sister too much.