Saturday, May 29, 2010

Updates and Splash Pad

It is a wonderful Saturday here in Bloomington. Took my daughter Quincy job hunting today. She only put in 2 applications. Not much but its a start. Hoping she gets one at either place.

I have a few finishes to post. The first is a makgnet for an exchange in Krafterskorner. It is for Frishawn. I really hope she likes it. She told me she likes teas and iced coffees and I found a tea pattern I was going to make her but didn't get the time because i was working on something for my sons teachers.

These are the magnets I made for my sons teachers. I didn't get them finished in time for them to have them the last day of school so Cory and I took them to the school later in the week.
The kids and I went to the Splash pad today. It was so fun and all for free! Can't beat that. Cory loves playing with the gun things. I think I've found my new favorite hangout and the best part is it isn't too far from home. It is only open Friday-Monday but thats ok. It was a great time. Quincy didn't get in the water today but I'm hoping I can get her in it if we go on Memorial Day.

What a fun time and a great beginning to summer!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My little love

Once again my pictures are out of whack, LOL.

Hpoe all you Mothers had a great Mothers Day. Mine was awesome. We got up early yesterday and went to my mil. Visited with her for a while then we came home to get ready to go to my parents. We had a fish fry at my parents. It was yummy. For Mother's Day I have been working my rear off to make this for my mom. I found the chart in a JCS magazine. I was up until 3 Sunday morning trying to finish it and then worked on it again until we went to moms. I didn't get it finished but gave it to her anyway and told her it was still a work in progress. Here's my mom and the unfinished gift.

Came home and finally got it finished around 1 this morning. I love it :)

And a closeup....

Quincy and her boy went out to play. I played detective to see how far away I could take their picture. Aww don't they look cute!!

Here's a close up of the little love birds

Off to take Cory to the dentist. This could get bad......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rak, Triops and Mothers Day

So like usual I uploaded my pics wrong. This is a picture of my Triops that I am growing. The picture isn't really good. They are in the upper left corner in the picture. I bought the Triops at Hobby Lobby. With the coupon I think I paid $5ish for them. They start out like sea monkeys. You put the little eggs in the water and they grow. Actual adult size will be about an inch and a half I think. These things are awesome. Everyday they grow and shed their skin. They swim upside down and skim the water for things to eat. I bought them some sun dried shrimp and they love them. I don't think they live long but they are something different. We feed them daily. Now that they are bigger I need to change their water a little more. These are something I would recommend if you want to try something new.

This is what I'm working on for my mom for Mothers Day. There will be a Mother and a daughter and some flowers and things and below the house it says "My Mother My Friend". I think she'll love it. She knows how much I enjoy cross stitching and is always teasing me about never keeping anything for myself. She doesn't know I am making this for her and when she asks what I'm working on I have to lie so she won't know it is for her. I have a lot to go so I'm working my butt off to get it done by Saturday. Think I can do it?

And I got this beauty from Carein. It was a rak. I think this was the first surprise rak I have ever gotten. Thank you so much Carein I love it!! It is hanging proudly on my fridge :)
Thats it for now. Go out and buy some triops and let me see them. I'll take a better pic and post it in the future.