Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day Updates

It's been a while since I have updated my blog. Not much going on here. We have had a few nasty days of snow. I think I heard more today :( I don't mind snow, just don't like the nasty roads and cold weather....and when it gets hot I won't like the heat either, lol. Tonight is the cookout. We are having cornbread, Meaty Veggie Soup and brownies. Mom is also making a I love her cheeseball :) Not sure what the other ladies will be making or if anyone else will even show. Thats kinda why we are making soup, its something we don't mind having leftovers of. So far Cory has been fever free today. The last 2 Wednesdays he has had a fever and we haven't been able to see everyone. He seems to be doing ok now. Crossing my fingers he is over what he had. So now that you've heard my ramblings on to the fun stuff.....

This is catia crafts Love Sal. I love this one. My dearest friend Ethel helped me on this one. She donated fabric and floss. She couldn't have picked a better color for this. I LOVE it!!

The next two pics are from Jeremiah Junction, Christmas Cookies. I love this one too. Even though I hate backstitching I love all Jeremiah Junction.

This is called Some Assembly Required. Its a cutie too. In the blocks there will be some things like mittens, a scarf, and a vest.

This is an OakHaven designs Creation. It is the Months 2010 Sal. I had misplaced this but after searching high and low I found it :) I love these colors and I am doing it on beige 14ct.