Thursday, October 28, 2010

Odds and ends for your viewing pleasure

This is our newest furbaby Smoky. This cat is hilarious.
Cory and Smoky sleeping. Ignore the couch :)

I had hoped to have this finished for a baby shower. Um it didn't get done so I'm shooting for the actual date of birth now, lol

So since I knew I wouldn't finish the first one I thought maybe I could get these done and nope didn't do it. All I needed was one more day. Still not finished since I'm not in a huge hurry, lol

And this is a sal from Helga Mandls yahoo group. I'm working on this now so I can get the next part, lol.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dying (Aida that is)

I've seen so many beautiful dyed pieces lately so I thought I'd so some too. This first batch is using orange, yellow and purple rit dye. I made the batch a long time ago and kept the extra in juice bottles in my laundry room. I put what I wanted in bowls and reheated in the microwave. We have a ton of the medicine droppers so I used them to apply my colors. I wadded and folded each one differently. I'm loving how they turned out, especially the purple.

This one I used Coffee and Tea. I used the old coffe grounds plus a new scoop and added a few tea bags. I heated this in the oven afterwards and almost cooked it too long, the dark spots in the top left are burn marks, ooops :(

So I wanted to try different teas. These are Lipton Green Teas in flavors. I used once cup of boiling water to 3 tea bags. I was hoping the purple acai and blueberry would be blue but nope its not. The color isn't the greatest but its a faint yellowish color.

This one is Lipton Green Tea Orange, Passion Fruit and Jasmine. Its almost the same color as the blueberry one.
This is Lipton Green Tea Cranberry Pomegranate. I love this one. The color is great and the way I had it folded left some really cool patterns in the middle.

It was tons of fun. Really makes me wish I had more aida. The Coffee and the one that had all three colors was done on an Ecru color or something like that. I bought it at a yardsale dirt cheap. It had a musty smell to it and to my surprise the smell is gone :)