Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dying (Aida that is)

I've seen so many beautiful dyed pieces lately so I thought I'd so some too. This first batch is using orange, yellow and purple rit dye. I made the batch a long time ago and kept the extra in juice bottles in my laundry room. I put what I wanted in bowls and reheated in the microwave. We have a ton of the medicine droppers so I used them to apply my colors. I wadded and folded each one differently. I'm loving how they turned out, especially the purple.

This one I used Coffee and Tea. I used the old coffe grounds plus a new scoop and added a few tea bags. I heated this in the oven afterwards and almost cooked it too long, the dark spots in the top left are burn marks, ooops :(

So I wanted to try different teas. These are Lipton Green Teas in flavors. I used once cup of boiling water to 3 tea bags. I was hoping the purple acai and blueberry would be blue but nope its not. The color isn't the greatest but its a faint yellowish color.

This one is Lipton Green Tea Orange, Passion Fruit and Jasmine. Its almost the same color as the blueberry one.
This is Lipton Green Tea Cranberry Pomegranate. I love this one. The color is great and the way I had it folded left some really cool patterns in the middle.

It was tons of fun. Really makes me wish I had more aida. The Coffee and the one that had all three colors was done on an Ecru color or something like that. I bought it at a yardsale dirt cheap. It had a musty smell to it and to my surprise the smell is gone :)


  1. Well Done Tara. i hope to experiment with dying fabric sometime next year.....When I get some time..

  2. They all look wonderful! Love the purple one the best! Had to laugh about the burn marks..sounds like something I would do..LOL!

  3. Wow! Your new dyed material looks wonderful! I just love the purple and orange and the promangate tea. I will have to try the medicine droppers someday. I always wonder how to apply 2 or more colors besides using fingers or paint brushes.

  4. Wow Tara... you did a great job, Love the pruple, yellow and orange one at the top. You tea dyed are also great love the one with Lipton Green Tea Cranberry Pomegranate. It's very hard to find a tea that looks great... I'm jealous...need to try more too

  5. These are just gorgeous I especially love the purple.

  6. I think they turned out great Tara congrats!

  7. Those are some great colors. You made some good pieces to stitch on.