Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I had a wonderful birthday this year. Dustin took me to Menards and bought me a few things. We ran around town for a little bit, came home and SURPRISE!! Dustin had called our friends up and had a surprise party for me. It was awesome. He really showed his love that day. I got some awesome gifts including the stash below. I've spent the Michaels giftcards, but holding off a day or two for the Hobby Lobby one. At least until I get my stash put up and organized :)

Here are the beautiful flosses I got from the CSA Birthday Club. These ladies did an awesome job at spoiling me. The colors are so pretty and lovely. Thank you ladies...just have to find the special somethings to use my flosses on. You all did a wonderful job at picking the colors out!!!

And lastly I got my Spring Tote from Penny on Saturday. Penny did an awesome job. I love the color of the tote she dyed me. It is perfect. I took it to town today and got lots of compliments. Penny sent me tons of cute little kits and a Precious Moments book. I think I'll make something for my neices rooms with their names for Christmas (or birthdays depending on what I get done). Thank you Penny, you spoiled me!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


It's been a while since I've updated so here it goes.

I have my first finishes of 2009. I made 2 magnets for CSA Magnet and Recipe Exchange. I liked them. My partner was Princess Crystal...the Princess saying just screamed her name :)

I put off my other WsIP so I could finish my magnets and get them sent out in time so the cross stitch pro sal hasn't been touched. I have been working on Quaker Blues a little.

I've aslo been working on Checkerboard Bunny. Its a freebie from Waxing Moon designs. Hope to have that done by Easter. Would like to make it into a cube. We'll see, that takes some skill and I don't have any :(

I 've been getting tons of cards for my Birthday Floss Exchange, it's killing me but I'm not going to open them until my birthday. I only have a week to go so I can hold off.

I got my package today from my ILCS Needle and Floss Exchange. Jo Spoiled me :) She sent me a lovely birthday card too. Thanks SOO much Jo. That made my day!! I haven't used any of the flosses. Can't wait to try them. She even sent some of my favorite colors. What an awesome partner!!