Monday, April 6, 2009


It's been a while since I've updated so here it goes.

I have my first finishes of 2009. I made 2 magnets for CSA Magnet and Recipe Exchange. I liked them. My partner was Princess Crystal...the Princess saying just screamed her name :)

I put off my other WsIP so I could finish my magnets and get them sent out in time so the cross stitch pro sal hasn't been touched. I have been working on Quaker Blues a little.

I've aslo been working on Checkerboard Bunny. Its a freebie from Waxing Moon designs. Hope to have that done by Easter. Would like to make it into a cube. We'll see, that takes some skill and I don't have any :(

I 've been getting tons of cards for my Birthday Floss Exchange, it's killing me but I'm not going to open them until my birthday. I only have a week to go so I can hold off.

I got my package today from my ILCS Needle and Floss Exchange. Jo Spoiled me :) She sent me a lovely birthday card too. Thanks SOO much Jo. That made my day!! I haven't used any of the flosses. Can't wait to try them. She even sent some of my favorite colors. What an awesome partner!!

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  1. Your finishes look great and the project in black is just going to pop on that fabric!