Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

Didn't get a lot whole lot done this week. Cory was sick from Tues-Friday. He was a little better on Friday but still wasn't up to par. Was much better yesterday :) I hate when my babies are sick.

So I went to upload the photos off of my camera and this is what I found....

Isn't he adorable? These are just a few of the ones I found. I'm guessing he has been watching his older sister take pics of herself. I just wanna squeeze him to pieces. Cory and I went to Joanns on Wednesday after I took him to the doctor and he wanted something. I was tight on money and he likes to paint so we picked up this frog mask. He wasn't feeling good and didn't get to paint it until Friday.

I am working on the Months 2010 Sal in Oak Haven Designs Yahoo group. I LOVE these colors. The heart was supposed to be red but I changed it to pink. Can't wait for next month.

Hopefully I'll have some more progress to show tomorrow.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little something

My friend Mary in krafterskorner yahoogroup was talking about loom knitting today so I thought I would get mine out and play with it. The first pic is my first attempt. It didn't look good to me so I looked online for some help.

This is the second attempt. I used 2 strands of yarn on it. I love the look, the only thing is that it is going to be a wide scarf, LOL. Lesson learned but I'm going to finish it anyway.

We have had a very large snow here in Indiana. Here are my kids out in it yesterday.

Here is my cousin and the door hanger that I made her. I love the way it turned out and even got to play with my Crop-a-dile. Way too fun :)

This was taken at the Mooses Christmas Party. Here is Spongebob, my nephew Austin, Cory, my mom and my nephew Zane.

Thats it for now, I'm off to bed. Son went to bed early :)