Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Donna's Ornaments

I made these for Donnas Stitching for a cure. For more info go to www.stitchingforacure.blogspot.com I was doing these for a contest, didn't get them finished in time. I don't know how to use my sewing machine and I'm not real crafty or imaginative. It took all I had to come up with these. LOL


  1. Very cute and sweet - for the cause!! Love the variety you made.

  2. Your ornaments are darling! You did a great job finishing them! I like the little heart you added. I had a hard time finishing mine also.

  3. They're lovely Tara and for a very worthwhile cause.

  4. Nice job. I see you are from Indiana, so am I. Are you with the Hoosier Stiters Group?

  5. Tara -

    Great job on the ornie's for Donna. My BFF lives in Brownstowne, I believe that is not far from you.
    Happy stitching.