Monday, July 26, 2010

Terrifying Tuesday updates a day early

My computer is in the shop and I'm afraid I won't be able to do my terrifying Tuesday update so I'm doing it today. This is Happy Haunting. I love it and think it is perfect with the fabby Cory and I dyed.

Here is my monthly sal from Oak Haven Designs. This sal is closed but Tonia does have awesome sals and great freebies. Find her on yahoogroups.
This is an Oak Haven Designs sal too. Its a seasonal house. Cute huh? Its stitched on Seafoam Green Aida. Really wish the color showed cause it looks really good.

Thats it for today. My parents keyboard is TINY and its making my hands cramp, lol.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Witch Silhouette and Dye

Heres my weekly update on Witch Silhouette. She is coming along slowly.

Cory helped me dye these. I am using them on some Halloween charts. Not too wirl about the purple spots, but Cory had fun helping so I'll love them always.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Witch Silhouette Update and a Rak

I was raked with a giftcard from Carla last week. It was a hard decision to make but since we are working on a Halloween Sal I chose a few Halloween patterns. This one is called Scared Silly by Birds of a Feather. This one is Haunting from Imaginating. Cute huh?

Heres my progress on Witch Silhouette. I love how shes looking. I've finished pages 1-4 of the 12. Its all I've worked on this last week. I will get it done before Halloween this year, lol

Friday, July 9, 2010

Here's the Last Updates for a while

OK I think this is the last one. I haven't been able to upload any pics for a while since this computer is junk so here's the last of my progress. This is the Inky Dinky Sal from Sanman. I love it. Its way to cute.

Sals, Wips and a finish

My little heart sal. June finished. Sal can be found at
Finished a martain for a quilt. I'm a bad girl and haven't sent it.

I've gotten out a few oldies to finish them up so here are the before pics. This is a patriotic one. It still isn't finished but its getting closer. Here is what it looked like before. I haven't taken any now pics though.

We are doing a Halloween sal in krafterskorner. Thought I'd work on this. Its called Witch Silhouette. The last time I worked on it was July 2009.
Oops, lol.

I've worked on it the last few days and have made a little progress. It's gonna be big. I didn't center it well and was afraid I wasn't going to have enough room so I went ahead and stitched to the area that sticks out the most to make sure I have room. Woo Hoo I sure do.


I love exchanges. They are the best thing in the world! I got this one from Carla in Krafters Korner for the Patriotic Exchange. Its wonderful!! Thank you so much Carla!! This is what I sent her. I used the Stardusted Gold Aida. I wish you could see how pretty it is. I think it worked great with this.

This is the first time I have made these. I took a tin that used to have skoal or something in it. My mom got me a few from her work. I put my finished piece on it, some cute fabric on back and stuck a magnet in it for needles. I'm hoping it holds up cause I wasn't sure what i was doing.

Here's everything all together I sent. This was afun exchange to put together.

Exchanges and RIP Jeffie Kitty

Here's a magnet I got from my partner in the KraftersKorner Exchange. I LOVE the beads on it. This picture doesn't do it justice. Wonderful job she's done on it.
The next 2 are pics of a magnet I made for the Cross Stitch Board exchange. This is using EMS's freebies found on the forum site. Cute little magnet. Haven't recived mine from my partner yet :(

And lastly here are pics of my beloved Jeff who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 19th. I got Jeff for my 18th birthday in 1997. I had a wonderful 13 years with Jeff and miss him so much. Everyday I think I see him in the house but to look and its a black sweater or shirt or towel. He has given me wonderful memories, headaches and tears. Love you Jeff!!