Friday, July 9, 2010

Sals, Wips and a finish

My little heart sal. June finished. Sal can be found at
Finished a martain for a quilt. I'm a bad girl and haven't sent it.

I've gotten out a few oldies to finish them up so here are the before pics. This is a patriotic one. It still isn't finished but its getting closer. Here is what it looked like before. I haven't taken any now pics though.

We are doing a Halloween sal in krafterskorner. Thought I'd work on this. Its called Witch Silhouette. The last time I worked on it was July 2009.
Oops, lol.

I've worked on it the last few days and have made a little progress. It's gonna be big. I didn't center it well and was afraid I wasn't going to have enough room so I went ahead and stitched to the area that sticks out the most to make sure I have room. Woo Hoo I sure do.

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