Saturday, May 29, 2010

Updates and Splash Pad

It is a wonderful Saturday here in Bloomington. Took my daughter Quincy job hunting today. She only put in 2 applications. Not much but its a start. Hoping she gets one at either place.

I have a few finishes to post. The first is a makgnet for an exchange in Krafterskorner. It is for Frishawn. I really hope she likes it. She told me she likes teas and iced coffees and I found a tea pattern I was going to make her but didn't get the time because i was working on something for my sons teachers.

These are the magnets I made for my sons teachers. I didn't get them finished in time for them to have them the last day of school so Cory and I took them to the school later in the week.
The kids and I went to the Splash pad today. It was so fun and all for free! Can't beat that. Cory loves playing with the gun things. I think I've found my new favorite hangout and the best part is it isn't too far from home. It is only open Friday-Monday but thats ok. It was a great time. Quincy didn't get in the water today but I'm hoping I can get her in it if we go on Memorial Day.

What a fun time and a great beginning to summer!!!


  1. Lovely finishes. Your son looks like he is having a great time.


  2. Pretty works,especially the magnet.

  3. The magnets are pretty. The water park looks so much fun. I wish there was something like that here.