Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My little love

Once again my pictures are out of whack, LOL.

Hpoe all you Mothers had a great Mothers Day. Mine was awesome. We got up early yesterday and went to my mil. Visited with her for a while then we came home to get ready to go to my parents. We had a fish fry at my parents. It was yummy. For Mother's Day I have been working my rear off to make this for my mom. I found the chart in a JCS magazine. I was up until 3 Sunday morning trying to finish it and then worked on it again until we went to moms. I didn't get it finished but gave it to her anyway and told her it was still a work in progress. Here's my mom and the unfinished gift.

Came home and finally got it finished around 1 this morning. I love it :)

And a closeup....

Quincy and her boy went out to play. I played detective to see how far away I could take their picture. Aww don't they look cute!!

Here's a close up of the little love birds

Off to take Cory to the dentist. This could get bad......


  1. Your Mother's gift came out great. I love it. I would like to do that for my mom soon. Glad you had a good day yesterday. Quincy and her boyfriend do make a cute couple.

  2. Love your Mother's Day Gift to your mom!! Quincy is a very cute girl and looks very happy.

  3. I really liked the piece you stitched for your mum.
    The magnets for the teachers are also really nice.
    Have a great week.