Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quincy's Wedding

On September 21st we welcomed a new member to our family. NOT a baby thank goodness but I now have a son-in-law. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL. It took us 3 months to get the property cleaned up and ready but it was so worth it. It seriously looked like it could have been in a magazine. Here's a few pictures.
Quincy and her Daddy

Reading their vows

My favorite picture

Mr and Mrs

Dustin, me, Cory, Quincy, Dakota, Patti (Dustins mom) and Jeff (Dustins step dad)

Groom and his men

Bride and her girls

Entrance dance, the wobble

Quincy made all the cupcakes the night before but bought the cake from Kroger

This was a 100 year old tree on my mother in laws property. We sanded it and Quincy and Dakota burnt the letters into it.
This is all of their siblings. Quincy's are the one in the very back Jake, Cory is up front, Baylee is next to Dakota (the Groom) and Blaise is in the white next to Baylee. The rest are Dakotas. Sadly not one of their siblings are full siblings but that sure doesn't stop them from being close and loving each other.

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  1. What great pics, Tara! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful family event. Congratulations to all. :) Cathryn