Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kitties and a finish

Happy 4th y'all!
I've got a small finish in this week. Mary passed this to me a year or two ago. Just been saving it for a special teacher. It was a quickie. I stitched this for Corys teacher. She was his inclusion teacher last year. She is awesome and really goes out of her way to help the kiddos. She has even been coming twice a week to work with his this summer for a measly $30. She found out at the end of the school year they are moving her to another school. I wanted to do something special for her. I really wish the name on the apple showed up better but I think she will like it and I think it will be perfect for her desk. Can't wait for her to come so I can give it to her.
Our cat had babies again. This is her last litter (thank goodness). She was a better mommy this time and I haven't had to feed them. They were born on June 1st. Dustin has decided we are keeping them all. I think he is a little crazy since we already have 3 adult cats. Yes they are all adorable but holy cow that is a lot of cats, lol. Planning on getting them all fixed when we get Sal fixed. Sal is looking a little skinny and drained so I started them on moist canned cat food today and they loved it.


Since I have finished the teachers gift I haven't done much stitching. I am on a coupon kick and really wanting to learn about couponing. I want free or cheap stuff, lol. Do you coupon and do you have any tricks or favorite websites? 


  1. Tara, that is a wonderful gift for Cory's teacher. It turned out really well. :) Love the kitties. I am so glad I don't live close! I'd probably take a couple! DH would not be happy. LOLOL Cathryn

  2. What a cute finish. And adorable kittens. Dustin must be out of his mind though. That is a lot of cats to keep.

    I use coupon. Com I think it is called. If you go stay Betty crocker website and sign up you can get coupons sent to your email. I coupon seriously on and off. Takes work and time.

  3. The teacher's gift is adorable! All those kitties are adorable! Your husband is crazy to keep them all!