Saturday, June 30, 2012

Newest Project

What's that you ask? Tara has a new project?? I know, no way right. This time its not a stitchy one that I'll be showing you. Its the middle/my sons/the guest bathroom. A while back I painted it orange. Not sure why. Orange isn't my favorite color. I just wanted something different and was sick of nasty mobile home wall paper and didn't want white. I loved it. It really brightened up the room. Hubby on the other hand hated it and told me he was embarrassed to have people use that bathroom. So he decided since it was too hot to do anything outside (104ยบ) we would redo the bathroom. 
Here's the before.......

 Pulling up the floor we found this disaster :( Yes that is rot and mold. NOT good. The floor by the toilet was so weak that when my skinny husband stepped on it there was obvious sinkage. I sprayed it down with a lot of bleach and Dustin headed to town to get more wood. 
 Here is the after. The walls are a blueish gray called going gray, lol. We redid the floor, bought a new cabinet for the wall, a sink and cabinet, a faucet, toilet paper holder and a hand towel holder. After I took the pics I had Dustin get a new register and it looks so sharp and we have went around the edges of the tiles with bath and tub caulking. It looks nice. Will take a new pic later...Total cost of project minus the new plywood for the flooring and the new register was $330. We bought the cheapest of everything. Love it and ready to do my bathroom. I can tell a major difference in how bright the orange made the bathroom and will miss that but I love the look of the black floor and the cabinets.

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  1. Looks great Tara. You and Dustin can do my bathroom anytime, lol. (I liked the orange too, though.)