Monday, June 4, 2012

Finishes and Kids

I've been working on a trying to get some oldies finished and have finally finished this SAL from Novalee. It was from last year so its not too old but still feels good to have one less thing lying around unfinished. I have washed and ironed it and it's all ready to be framed. 
 I have also finished June of the Blueladie SAL. The colors are sooo pretty on this one. Love it. 
 I got this great exchange a few days ago from Kaghos. I love everything! The beads, ribbon and buttons are so pretty. The fob is awesome and my first and the ornament is so me. Thank you so much!

This is what I sent her. The biscornu was a freebie from cyberstitchers.
 We had both kiddos graduating this year. Quincy graduated from High School. I am so proud of her. She is an awesome kid. Here is a picture of me (with my newly cut hair), her and Cory.

Have to include a picture of her dad. He's so silly. 
 Cory graduated from Kindergarten. The kids had a little play called E-I-E-I Oops. Corys part was a cat. It was so cute. He had a tail and every time he would sit down he would grab the tail and act like he was shooting people. Yep, that's my boy. 
 Here he is with his diploma. 

 Thanks for taking a peek :)


  1. congrats on your finish, your SAL lookin really sweet. congratulation on your graduates. nice pictures of everything

  2. Tara, great pictures! Congratulations to the graduates! I love how your Blueladie Designs SAL is coming along. It really looks nice. :D the Novalee is so pretty. Cathryn

  3. Tara, love your stitching. I hope we get to see Novalee framed. Congrats to the graduates.

  4. Grats to the kiddos. That's awesome news. Hope they both do well in their futures. And the stitching is great. I too love those brights. And your Novalee SAL is cute too, Tara. Great job. I miss you guys.