Friday, November 11, 2011

Me and some Old finishes

I've been too lazy to get the pictures off my camera, mainly because I thought I'd have a finish this week. Since I didn't I decided to go ahead and upload my pictures.

I always wonder what my friends look like. As most of my groupers know I am now a member of weight watchers. This first picture was taken the day after I started 9/3/2011. Now mind you I HATE having my picture taken and I had no makeup on and my hair wasn't fixed. Cory was playing with my camera and this was the result of it. I kept it as a reminder of where I started.

Here's a head shot I took 10/27. I dyed my hair a dark brown after I took this. I've lost 15 pounds to date and can't tell much but in my face. So here I am :)
Here's my little cowboy for Halloween. He has the mean cowboy look down pat, lol. This was taken at his school Halloween party. He was waiting in line for the school parade and said he was bored. I love my little cowboy :)
On the stitching front I've finished these a while ago. The first is the seasonal SAL from Novalee. Looking forward to the last one so I can hang it on the wall.
And this is the Oak Haven SAL. I have November all ready to stitch, just haven't had the time to do any stitching this week. Hopefully I'll get it done this week.
That's it, nothing too exciting. Hope I'll have a few finishes to share next week.


  1. Looking good, Tara. Your face looks thinner to me. Love your stitching and what a GREAT cowboy to have in your family! :D Cathryn

  2. OH-- I know where yor 15 lbs went....You lost them...and I found them--- went to the Dr. this last week, had gained 15 lbs !!!! but my pants still fit, so guess it went somewhere else...

  3. You are a beautiful lady my dear! Absolutely gorgeous dahling....:) Cory is adorable as always. Wonderful stitching! Love that seasonal one, thinking maybe I shoulda did that one with ya. :)

  4. Your stitching is beautiful. I wished I did the SAL too. You are a beautiful lady and congrats on your weight loss. Your son looks "tough" as a cowboy.

  5. Very nice Tara !! thank you for the picture ;-)

  6. First off, grats on the weight loss. I have huge problems with that, so I have to take my hat off to you. I think it's great!! Cory looks great as a cowboy. Bored he doesn't look, lol. Love the Novalee SAL. That's the first time I've seen it. And your Oakhaven SAL looks good too. Keep up the good work!