Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Friday Finishes-New and Old

It has been a while since I've posted on here. It's sad that I don't have much to add. When I was uploading my pics from my camera it was very obvious my 5 year old had been playing with the camera. Here is a closeup he got of Bugsy. I love this pic. It reminds me of a greeting card.

In my krafterskorner group one of the exchanges was to dye a piece of fabric and send it to your partner along with some floss. Here is the one I dyed for my partner Vicky. I love the way it turned out and think it looked way better in person. I'll post pics of the one I got from my partner in a few days. Cory is borrowing my batteries for the Wii.

Here is the latest on my Owls from Oakhaven Design.

and here is Mays.

And my last updates for the day is this one. I don't think I've posted pics of it yet. If I have please disreguard. This is a SAL from Novalee. I am working on Summer now.


  1. Tara, I LOVE the pic of Bugsy too!!! So cute! Perhaps your 5 yr old is a photographer in the making! ;) Your dyed fabby is so pretty well-done! And as usual your stitchy projects are so cute and well-done. Thanks for sharing the pics!!! Love 'em all. :D Cathryn

  2. Love the pic of Bugsy Tara. Reminds me of those skinny pads of note paper with the pics of dogs on the front. You'd think their nose was touching the lens, lol. All your projects look great. You're current on the Oakhaven SAL. Grats. And your fabby looks wonderful! Can't wait to see summer! I hope you're having a better day today!