Sunday, March 6, 2011

SALs Progress

I've finished part 2 of the Novalee sal and part 8 of SMO last night. I love quickies :)


  1. Hi Tara--it's just me again!!! I was going to start the chicky's today--but we are having a nice snow storm so I needed to work on a big quilt I am trying to get done by April 1st--and when it is cold and windy it is good to work on--soooo!! little projects can be worked on on warmer days!!!
    I did email novalee and I do believe I am now in the group--so I really do need to get going on it--as I see you have step 2 done already--ahhh--guess that is a question--once you get a step done and sent a picture to novalee do you just get the next and the next steps--or is it only like once a week or what????
    Thanks and hugs, Di--OH love both of the stitcheries and what you have done with them!!

  2. nice stitching love the SMO

  3. Thank you for the Picture !
    Have a nice Day