Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kitties and Mothers Day

Here is the newest pic of the kitties. They were born on the 23rd of April. They are all sweethearts and will be hard to part with. I have been feeding the gray one and the one on the end. Can you see the size difference? The two bigger ones were bigger at birth but the difference in size amazes me. They look like they came from different litters. 

I love this picture. Wolfie (the smaller black and white one) is laying on top of Sal. 

And a close up :)
Cory is in Kindergarten this year so that means I get precious surprises from school. Cory came home yesterday with this wonderful flower pot he made me. He told me there was a seed inside and was going to dig it up to show no, its going to have a hard enough time surviving in this house. I'm afraid the seed won't grow and I will have to buy a plant so he thinks it grew.
This came with the flower. Something got into my eye and made them water. I love my boy sooo much. He can be a sweetheart at times. 
I also got this wonderful book. He gave me some explanations of some of the pictures. 

Cory was explaining the library books and said the triangles are the books and the long things are us picking them up with our tails because some people have tails.... He is such a good liar it is scary. He is so believable. If I didn't know better I would have thought he was right.
We always have to have a few boxes of Ziti in the house. Those are his favorites. I thought it was cute he put that in his book.

I raised a Wal-Mart shopper :) 
I had a hard time with this one then he told me about the pictures and I understood. I bought him those sponges that are in capsules the other day. He loved seeing which vehicle they would turn into. The first picture is the capsule in water and the second is the ship :)
My flower came in this bag.
I love my presents :) I am sure Cory had help with the words but it is too precious. He has even told me I am the best mother ever. I don't know about that but I def. feel special and honored to be his mom. 


  1. So Cute! Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Awww! That is adorable! Cory did a great job!

  3. Great job to Cory. I love it!! Or maybe I should say them, lol. Fabulous. Happy Mom's Day Tara. You deserve to have a great day!

  4. Tara you are the best Mom ever and I am glad Cory knows it. Have a great Mother's Day and enjoy the special little boy.

  5. Thank you Tara for sharing your special Mother's day mementos with us all form Cory. It helped to bring back fond memories when my sons were both little and used to bring me those types of little goodies. Always so precious! Enjoy your Mother's Day!

  6. Oh what a feel good kind of update! I loved seeing Cory's Mother's Day for you. What a precious and thoughtful son! I miss my boys being that little, they grow up so darned fast. Treasure these memories!

  7. the kittens are sooooooooooooo adorable, your mothers day gifts from Cory are very special, handmade gifts are the best have a happy mom's day tomorrow

  8. Your kittens are cute. What lovely gifts from Cory. Have a Happy Mother's day tomorrow.