Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anniversary Shopping, Bloomers and Halloween

Hubby gave me a $50 gift card to Michaels for our anniversary. Here's some of the goodies I bought. Took Cory with me and he ended up with a bunch of junk too. Won't do that again, lol.

I had been making something for my cousin who was due in December but decided I wouldn't have anything finished and changed my mind twice. Then I decided on these bloomers. I didn't get them finished in time for the shower (or the birth since she was 6 weeks early) but I did get them done in time to give her at the hospital. Her baby was born on Halloween. Still working on the birth samper but not in a hurry now.
I'm taking a flatfold class and chose this pumpkin made by Sandy of Sanman. Stitched it on the aida that I dyed. Love them both. Can't wait to do a flatfold, it will be my first.

Got alot done today and was cleaning out places I haven't seen in ages. I
didn't have much left to finish it when I lost it forever ago. Some dear child of mine stuck it in a book then put it in Corys room on his bookshelf. SO happy I found it and got it finished. I LOVE it. It was designed by Carla Rizzie.
And lastly here are the kids at Halloween. Quincy and Dakota wanted to dress up so they went as older versions of the other, lol. At one point we had lipstick on Dakota. He looked so funny (and a little odd with his facial hair).

That's it for the monthly addition of Tara's Junk :)


  1. Great stash shopping.
    And what a cute boomers, great Idea!!!
    Cute little pumpin, and Christmas stiting, can wait to see them finish!!
    Lovely picture of the Halloween!!
    Enjoy stitching

  2. Great S.E.X. Tara! ;) Love all your stitching. You've got some wonderful pieces there. Looking forward to seeing your flat fold! :) Cathryn

  3. great stash shopping. awesome stitching